About Haitian Removal Magic Specialist Mama Lulu


The remove black magic specialist Mama Lulu comes from a long line of Haitian magic practitioners with each generation honoring their skills. Her ancient Haiti magic skills are among the most powerful skills you’ll find. Her grandfather was a great and powerful ancient Haiti magic master. His reputation proceeds him as one of the very best and he has slowly passed down his skills onto Mama Lulu.  He has also passed down his journals of ancient Haiti magic that unlocks the secrets of how to remove black magic, witchcraft, voodoo, the evil eye, bad luck, and much more.

When she was a young girl, she devoted herself with local talented Haitian magic practitioners for many years. She also attended a magic training program where she studied a wide selection of ancient Haiti spells. She has knowledge and takes her expertise and education for this magic very seriously.

In order to remove all negative spells from a client, Mama Lulu contacts the spirits of her Haitian deceased relatives and ancestors. It is known that the spirit of the deceased will help remove all black magic, witchcraft, voodoo, all bad luck, all evil spirits, and all evil spells. Mama Lulu respects and rewards the spirits. She also calls upon Haitian gods and goddesses. She rises the spirits out of the under world. She prepares food and other offerings and places them on a shrine dedicated to the deceased relatives, gods, and goddesses. Incense and herbs and money and gold are places on the shrine and other rituals are performed for the spirits, gods, and goddesses who will bring good luck and remove all evil and all evil spells. The spirits of the gods and goddesses will help if they are properly respected and rewarded. Mama Lulu communicating with the spirits of the under world is an important practice in traditional Haitian culture. It is linked to gods, goddesses, and ancestor worship.



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Call now for a free consultation and ask to speak with Mama Lulu! 219-484-7900

Call now for a free consultation and ask to speak with Mama Lulu!