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For luck/protection/keep away evil spirits, protection from psychic attacks, and protection from black magic/voodoo/witch craft.

Chinese Gem Stones

To draw positive energy,positive Ching, to help things go in your favor,to help bring positive prosperity in your life also turns bad luck into good luck when places in certain locations in your home or office or place of business. Ms Kim Chin personally charges these Chinese Magical gem stones for extra energy!

Chinese Magic Candles

Used for many different purposes such as love, reunitement, return a ex, stop a divorce, stop separation ,get back with a ex, remove negative energy, keep away enemies, stop the evil eye, remove black magic, remove witch craft, remove voodoo, remove all evil magic and all evil spirits, all evil spells. Money and good health and much more.

Many different candles to choose from! We also custom make candles and Ms. Kim also anoints candles! These powerful candles will get things to go into your favor fast and quick!

Chinese Magic Dolls

For any information or pricing or instructions contact Ms.Kim Chin by phone!

Chinese magic doll (for love): For those who seek love or want a past lover to return or a present lover to commit.
Chinese magic doll (for money): For those who seek money, wealth and prosperity.
Chinese magic doll (for luck): For those who want to change there luck play bingo or gambling.
Chinese magic doll (for success): For those who seek success,power,fulfillment,happiness at home or at work.
Chinese magic doll (for protection): For those who seek protection,security and peace of mind and also safety.
Chinese magic doll (for hex): For those who seek revenge and want to even the score.
Chinese magic doll (for power): To give you the power to do what you want and get what you want!
Chinese magic doll (jinx removal): To rid you of any jinx bad luck, bad karma etc.
Chinese magic doll (for attraction): To attract someone close to you to make you very appealing to them.
Chinese magic doll (for controlling): To control a person.
Chinese magic doll (for Exorcist): To rid a person from your life.
Chinese magic doll (for breakup): To split a relationship cause destruction and trouble.
Chinese magic doll (for wisdom): To bring you wisdom,intelligence and common sense.
Chinese magic doll (for weight loss): To help you loose weight and keep it off.


Zen Cleansing

Powerful cleansing to remove negative energy and to bring in positive energy.

Yin Yang cleansing, remove evil cleansing, Fung Shui cleansing, cleansing bath, cleansing soap, and house cleansing. For any information or pricing contact Ms. Kim.


Chinese Mojo Magic Bags

Protection,luck,money, love, keep away evil, keep away enemies. For any information or pricing contact Ms. Kim by phone.



For good luck, good Ching, prosperity, balance, good health, fung shui, protection, keep away bad Ching, keep away evil spirits, keep away enemies.


Clay Spirit Dolls

Custom hand made for any situation. Custom hand made by Ms. Kim Chin herself! These clay dolls are very powerful and very strong! For any pricing or any information contact Ms. Kim Chin.



To attract love, money, luck, to anoint candles, and have good health.



For protection and to draw positive Ching and energy.



For protection, blocks spells, keep away evil, to attract money, love, good luck, block black magic, voodoo and good health, evil eye and much more!



For protection, block spells, keep away evil, to attract money, good luck, success, good health, positive energy, keep out negative energy, block black magic, voodoo and witch craft.


9 Flyer Star

A method used to attract positive energy and keep out negative energy.


Fung Shui

A method used to bring positive Ching and keep out negative Ching. Draws money, luck, and good health into a persons home or work place.


Love Binding Dolls and Chinese Magic

To bind a relationship together so no one will come between you and your significant other.Wh en Ms. Kim Chin binds you and your significant other together no one will tear you two apart.


Powerful Spirit Dolls

To stop other females/males who are trying to take your man/woman away from you using love spells or break up spells.


Ying Yang Magic

Used for love bring back ex, commitment, money, luck, marriage, pregnancy, good health, weight loss and much more.


Powerful Chinese Magical Herbs

To remove negative energy, obstacles, bad luck, to attract money, happiness, positive energy, good health, cleansing and much more.



Discover the power of the yin yang to remove black magic and all evil magic spells and all curses. Don’t wait and suffer another day. Call now! 219-344-8738.

Powerful Readings

Call now for a free consultation and ask to speak with Ms. Kim Chin! 219-344-8738

Call now for a free consultation and ask to speak with Ms. Kim Chin!